Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tough cycle

5 rounds for time
Press .75BW 12 reps
Squat 12 reps
Lunges 12 steps

3 full rounds and 11 presses into 4

This was a very humbling workout. I started with .75BW which was 120 (my 4RM). And wouldn't you know I got 4 reps and had to drop weight. I think the progression went 120 (4), 110(?), 103, 98. My shoulders were shot, but my legs were fine, weird.

15 Med ball cleans (20)
15 Pull-ups


Didn't to chest to bar, but I would have if I had known that is what everyone else was planning on doing that day. I got a pretty good blood blister on my left hand which is a bit unusual for me lately, but I guess we haven't done pull-ups for a while. I was able to do all cleans unbroken and only broke the pull-ups in 8,7 after the first two or three rounds.

250 meter row in 50 seconds x8 (rounds over 50 do not count)
1:30 rest between rounds

48.5, 49.?, 50.3, 50.4, 50.7, 50.9, 51.4, 54.4,(rested for a few minutes), 50.3, 50.4

My legs were on fire during this one. Also, I have been fighting a cough, so I had to deal with that. Happy that I was held accountable to make up the rounds over 50 (I just hope that I don't owe another 2-6 rounds depending on technicality).

It has been a rough week or so for me. I've been getting 5-6 hours of sleep and have really been suffering from that. I try to get at least eight hours a night, but I can;t seem to fall asleep for hours. It's not fun. Also, this crud in my lungs doesn't help. My diet has been fairly good except for the occasional Girl Scout cookie, so maybe that's what's getting me, too much processed sugar? Who knows. Hopefully this rest day will get me back on track and ready to hit it hard on Saturday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was filled with fun workouts and motivated people. That's always a winning combination.

In teams of 2
AMRAP in 20
1o Brupees
10 Sit-ups
10 Box Jumps 20"

21 rounds and 5 Burpees

Josh and I teamed up for this one and gave it a great go. We decided to alternate every round and the rest was perfect. Not too long and just enough to be ready to push hard for each round. It only helped that we were in between the teams of Brandon and Paul and Ben and Joe C.. Those guys kept us pushing hard. Each of them started out faster than us, but towards the end we were making up ground and fast. We caught and passed Ben and Joe, but Brandon and Paul were too far out in front. Maybe with another 5 or 10 minutes we could have given them a run. Also, I was fairly hung over for this workout, but I felt great during and for a little while after. It's weird how that works. Working out helped me forget about my hangover, but as soon as the workout was over and I was feeling recovered it hit again. I guess I should workout non stop or something.

3 Rounds
400 Meter run
40 Push-ups


I was hoping to break 10 on this one, but my push-ups just weren't as solid as I would like. The runs felt good and I was able to make pretty good time on all of them. For the first round of push-ups I did 15-10-10 and every subsequent round I tried 10-10-10-10. It worked fairly well, but I was piking by back during each set and only rested completely when I got to 10. It felt good to get out there and push the runs too. Usually during met-cons the run becomes an active rest, but not today.

Friday, March 20, 2009


75-75lb Snatches

7.5 minutes (weird)

I have been leery of snatches due to my shoulder problems, but I figured this would be a good way to not only test the stability I've gained, but also strengthen the muscle that stabilize. My bet paid off and my shoulder stayed in place. I broke down the 75 in 15-10-10-8-7-10-8-7. It was hard to really push it because I had to constantly focus on keeping my shoulder strong and in socket. However, I'm not sure a perfect would have changed too much as I was definitely fatigued after the wod. I used hook grip for all 75 and it felt pretty good. My thumbs went numb for a bit, but overall I think it was worth it. Also I have two new tears: a matching pair on each ring finger. Always a treat.
Anyway, a fun workout and a success since my shoulder stayed in and I've become even more comfortable with snatches.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Your choice of squat - x 1 x 4 (heaviest weight, sets across)
superset with
Handstand Pushups - x amrap x 4 (as many reps as possible, one try x 4)

I couldn't decide between front squat and back squat, so I warmed up in both and just hoped I failed at one before the other. Luckily (or unluckily) when I reached 240 my front squat failed so I just did back squat for the WOD.
Front squat: up to 230
Back squat: 240 x 1 x 4
HSPU: 13, 7, 5, 8 (seem a little out of order huh?)

Both squats felt pretty good today. There was much less pain in my back squat.

Secret WOD
Run ~1.5 miles

This was Ricky's secret WOD and with good reason. If he had posted a run I don't think as many people would have come. Maybe I'm wrong though. I'm fairly happy with my time, I was pacing for 3 miles though, so I had some more in the tank at the finish. Normally I condition quickly to running due to my history in soccer and dry land ski training and have found myself getting a runner's high every now and again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to run for fun, but when running comes up, I'm not opposed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pumpin Iron

Split Clean and Push Press Heavy Single - C&PP 184, C 198
Bench Press x5x4 - 132, 154, 164, 164
L-Sits x6 10-20sec

Split clean is an interesting lift, that I would like to work on more in the future. I think working on a split landing there would only help with a split jerk landing. I was happy with push press as well since I pr'd in copious amounts. That's 20lbs more than I've ever push pressed, it felt pretty good. We made a pretty big jump to 198 after 184. I was able to clean it, but the push just wasn't there. Next time.
Bench press brought me back to the days of lifting for football in high school. Nobody really knew what they were doing then, so it was good to finally catch up and learn a little about the lift. Even though I hadn't done bench at CFO until today, my strength is the lift has increased. I was at BW today and it felt good. I know this would have been a stretch for me before so that's cool.
L-sits, i need to work on keeping my legs straight. I don;t know what it is. Maybe tight hams or something, but that will be something I work on.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Run and squats

4 rounds
400m run
50 air squats


Oddly enough I felt pretty good for this workout. The last time I did it I think I may have thrown up and took much longer. Looking back I did this workout on Sept. 27, 2008 before join CFO and it took me 15:55 on a track. It's crazy how much easier it seemed this time around. During the first three rounds of squats, I paced myself a bit just so I'd be able to do all 50 nonstop and then hit the run right away. This strategy paid off and I was able to complete the workout without any breaks (except for having to tie my shoe). On the last round of squats I picked up the pace and fought through the pain to get to 50. During the squats I made a conscious effort to have proper form and full ROM. Joe seemed to be examining me quite thoroughly, so either he liked what he saw or he liked what he saw, if you get my drift. Ha. Either way no complaints so win win.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I opened the window and in flew enza

It has been an interesting past few days. The battle still continues with whatever is attacking my innards, but I know if I hold out long enough I will win the war. That is unless it kills me. Speaking of killing, as I write this now I can hear the mouse that lives in the floor above me (I'm on the top floor and it's in the ceiling) scurrying about. However, he's not as bad as the squirrel that stop by occasionally, seriously that is one of the creepiest sounds to wake you up in the middle of the night. Those claws scraping around gives me nightmares. I digress. Due to my current ailment, I opted for sleep over an early workout. That's right. I went over to the dark side and worked out with the 530 crew. The light from the sun was blinding, the faces were stern and menacing (not really though), and my internal clock was like "WTF mate?". Nevertheless I was able to pull through and get the knock out this WOD.

20" Box jumps (50lb each hand)
KB swings 2 pood
strict pull-ups

During warm up the first box jump was pretty bizarre. First of all I thought this was a jump with in each hand. It's like welcome to Crossfit, surprise! and then instead of a laurel and hardy handshake you get a kick in the nuts (not that bad though). That's what I've come to expect from these workouts, and it's great too. I push myself to do things I would not have imagined before: box jumps with and extra 100 lbs, planks with 150 lbs on your back, heck thrusters for that matter. Seriously, I wouldn't have come up with that on my own. Cool beans.
Ricky called us out after the workout and made a good point about focusing on the training and not the time per say. His issue was achieving full ROM with each rep and performing each movement properly, specifically strict pull-ups. I know I'm guilty of kipping a bit to get that last rep instead of doing it clean, and for what? To get a better time for the day? Probably, but this training should be about getting better, stronger, faster (as some have said) and skipping out on that last rep instead of doing it clean only hurts me. I'm going to try and focus on focusing on proper technique and full ROM. As Ricky said, "We are only training for one day, and today is not that day."

P.S. That squirrel is back :(

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Internal Combustion

Yesterday, I tried to reproduce the recovery I felt on Saturday, after the met-con cycle, by sleeping in and fasting for ~16 hours (most of which was sleep). The results were not as profound as before, nevertheless I was not sore and felt recovered enough. This could have been due to the more relaxed workout the day before. I may try this procedure one more time in hopes of a reproducible result.
Today, on the other hand, I woke up to an upset stomach. My diet has been good lately as far as zone goes, so I suspect some sort of food poisoning (bad cucumbers maybe) or perhaps a mild bug (doubtful since I'm immune to everything). Even now I don not feel 100% (which is like feeling 100% for an average man, it's been said I have the strength of a bear that has the strength of two bears). Regardless of this, I went to pay my tolls at CFO and take my beating alongside the other monsters. This workout was tough enough without cucumber tasting burps tagging along for the ride, but just like everyone else, I pushed through and finished (not before the 10 minute cutoff though).
For time:
135/95 lb Thrusters, 10 reps
50 Double Unders
135/95 lb Thrusters, 8 reps
40 Double Unders
135/95 lb Thrusters, 6 reps
30 Double Unders
135/95 lb Thrusters, 4 reps
20 Double Unders
135/95 lb Thrusters, 2 reps
10 Double Unders
DNF (finished in 10 or 11 something)
When time was called, Jon graciously offered us one minute of rest before to gather ourselves before completing the workout in the second minute to follow. I opted out of this (though I'm sure I rested about a minute anyways) and finished the workout shortly thereafter. I know I could have finished in under ten if my stomach didn't hate me --maybe it's an adverse reaction to those steroids ;).
The thrusters felt ok today and I was able to knock out the first 10 nonstop. The rest didn't come so easy, so sets of 3 and 4 got me there. The DU's were probably the best they've ever been for me. I got through 47 in the first round, and only broke up the round of 20 when I tripped at 7. Those felt great today.
This turned into a mind over matter workout for me where my focus was on not throwing up yet completing the WOD. Needless to say, I was successful in doing that, and am still fighting the good fight (so far so good). Regardless of mental success, I would like to try this one again when I'm running at full capacity.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

prrring like a kitten on 'roids

Looks like the steroids have finally kicked in. YAY!!! I have been shooting up for a while now and thought I got screwed over with a bad batch or something. Anyways, the juice is starting to pay off. This strength cycle was full of pr's. WOOOOOOOO!!! Sure it can get pretty intense at time, in fact just last night I kicked my door in just to see if I could. Unfortunately, I broke the mirror on the other side. I was so pissed I punched three holes in the wall. Which was actually a stroke of genius because I was able to catch the mouse that has been living in my house this winter. Needless to say I bit its head off! I thought that was the end of it, until I went to put on my boots this morning. I hadn't worn these particular boots for a few weeks now, but when I but them on I found the left one to be full of mouse poop. That little bastard got the last laugh I suppose. The sent me into a fit of rage and I razed the kitchen and probably did about $500 worth of damage. Who needs dishes, a microwave, a toaster, or a refrigerator anyway? Not this guy. All I need is my juice and Crossfit! Extreme!

WOD 3/10/09
Become a member of a pull-up club
1st attempt: 36
2nd attempt: 44
next time i might try some of that grip spray
Rope climbs - those are tough starting from the seated position
DU-nothing worth mentioning
Overhead squat 2 red plates, no barbell - this was tricky. The balance was weird, but a fun little drill nonetheless.

WOD 3/09/09
DL - 330 (best while at CFO)
Front Squat - 230x2x2 (pr since I've never lifted that much)
Press - 125x3 (former 1rm was 120 so that's awesome)
Ab work - a smorgasbord of pain and delight

As I mentioned above, the strength cycles seem to be paying off. In addition, my back is feeling much better which is also affecting my performance.

I'm going to try another intermittent fast tonight since tomorrow is a rest day. I'm not as sore as I was last week, but I'll let you know how it goes.

(P.S. If it wasn't obvious, I'm not really on steroids, I was just satisfying a muse.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Strength

Clean & Jerk - Heavy Single-208
Olympic Back Squats x 3 x 3 (110% of heaviest clean) - 230
Ring Dips (weighted or non-weighted) x 10 x 3 - 15, 20, 20
Weighted Elbow Bridge x :30 x 4 - 55, 110, 143, 154

This was a fun day in the gym. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits despite the loss of an hour due to daylight savings. The cleans felt great. I have really come to enjoy heavy Olympic lifts be it clean, dead lift, snatch, or jerk. My technique has improved so much just from join CFO, so thanks to everyone and their constant advice. I missed 208 only the first time on the clean, but jumped right back on it and it came up no problem. The jerk felt solid up until about 194. I need to work on getting me head forward as soon as I jump the weight up. I worked on that for 198 and 208, the jerks weren't pretty, but I got the job done. Now I need to work on a better land and getting the head through. Back squats felt great today. I wasn't sure how 230 would feel but the weight just seemed to come up without much effort. Planks and dips were also fun since everyone was pushing the limits and what not.

Last night I was thinking about ways of getting pumped up before a lift. This brought me back to my days of high school football and the intensity that was sought before each game. I also thought of the movie 300. I think it would be a good idea to come up with a chant or some sort of pre-workout ritual to pump everyone up. It would help build camaraderie within the team and help everyone before to his or her best. Needless to say, I became pretty pumped up thinking about all this and that probably spilled over a bit into the workout today. Just think what would happen if I were to watch 300 before a workout...

A couple more things to note. The night after finishing the met con cycle I slept for ~10 hours in addition to an intermittent fast of ~18 hours. Before this hibernation I was fairly sore, in the quads, shoulder, back, just about everywhere, but after I woke up I felt great. No pain or muscle soreness. I didn't expect to recover so quickly after such a brutal cycle. I'm going to try the same thing after this next round and see what happens. Interesting stuff here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Joe's Revenge

The toughest part of this workout was ... OH SNAP! You didn't really think that's I'd post the workout for you evening folks, did you? All I will say is this... 6AM RULES! HA!

Anyway here's how it went down
In teams of 2 alternate between exercises to each complete
1000m row
40 Turkish sit-ups
800m row
30 Turksih sit-ups
600m row
20 Turkish sit-ups
400m row
10 Turkish sit-ups

Greg and I teamed up and made some pretty good Turkish rowers. I rowed first and it happened to work out to our advantage. During his 1000m row I was able to finish my 40 situps and during my 800 he finished his 40. It kind of went like that for the rest of the workout and we ended up finishing first. I would like to get better at rowing. I think my technique is good, but I'm not getting the amount of power out of my pulls. There's always something right? Well, it will be nice to sleep in tomorrow at least.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Of Castles and Planets

3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 2 pood/1.5 pood
21 Burpees, jump to a height 1 foot above reach


Surprise, surprise. Another brutal workout. This one was a mental battle more than anything. Keep running, keep swinging, keep burpeeing! With only three rounds, few breaks should be taken. However, with heavy swings and nonrhythmic burpees, it was easy to lose focus and take a break. I did manage to complete the first round of swings and the last round of burpees without any rest. I'm happy with that, but wish I could say the same for the other rounds. Luckily I never once had to stop more than once during a set. The weather was great for a workout like this, not too hot and not too cold, a regular Goldilocks day.

For all you zoners out there, here is an awesome blog from Crossfit Santa Cruz that has hundreds of zone specific recipes.

Below are a few links for Ang, Jeff, and Zach (or anyone else interested in interesting stuff) that provide some more information on a few of the world's mysteries we talked about during breakfast. You know just light conversation like the apocalyptic theory for 2012 and how to harness the earth's magnetic field. Just pleasantries.

2012: there's more information than you'll know what to do with here. A lot of it is pretty thin and some of it is crap, but the beginning kind of goes over what will happen in terms of astronomy during winter solstice 2012.

This is Coral Castle (not cave or cove like I may have said). Once again there are a lot of theories about this guy. Regardless of these, constructing such a structure like this is truly amazing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Grappler's Tabata
Pull-ups (20w/10r x2)
Thrusters (20w/10r x2)
Hang Squat Clean (20w/10r x2)
Rest 60 seconds

Repeat the above cycle, 5 times

Men use 65#/Ladies use 45#

Another brutal workout was performed in the walls of Crossfit Omaha. Everyone pushed the limits and reaped the rewards. I had trouble functioning for many minutes after the last round. While talking to Zach about how pro athletes achieve peak performance regularly (Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, etc.) I had trouble breathing, thinking, and talking. This was several minutes after the workout, but I had to sit down, take off my jacket and just was for my heart rate to decrease. I guess that's when you know the workout was good. Here were my rounds:
Round 1: 62
Round 2: 56
Round 3: 55
Round 4: 48
Round 5: 49
Total: 270
I'm not sure of the totals for each exercise, but pull-ups were ~120, thrusters ~80, squat cleans ~70. It's give or take on the thrusters and squat cleans, but somewhere around there. The pull-ups were tougher than I thought. I was going to try and do 15 per attempt, nut that only lasted for the very first set. From there I teetered between 13 and 8 per round (slowly declining as the workout progressed). this workout was a mental killer. Thinking about doing the work only made it harder, so it was matter of just doing it. I was also facing another mental/physical struggle that you don't want to hear about. I'll leave it at that.

For those interested, my back is feeling better. The pain is now more localized and doesn't radiate as much. I'll probably be going to the chiropractor once a week until the pain is gone. I hope the plan will work. The chiropractor seems optimistic since I am in "such good general health." I just hopes it's gone soon enough so I can train without that thorn in my side. Not that it would make me any faster, just one less thing to worry about. My shoulder also feels good, and I think the best medicine might be doing snatches. It felt great after those this weekend, and I think that will help strengthen it.

Here is the presentation on peak performance I did last year. It's not much, but maybe it will help get the wheels flowing for something. Also the sources might be of value to some. Enjoy.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Front Squat 2x3 208
Sqaut grip dead lift 3x3 198
Press 5RM 110-115-120(x4)

To be continued...
Then again maybe not today

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snatching Hams

Another great day at the gym. Today we worked on snatches and did some GHD exercises.

Snatch Balance x 3 x 3 (shoulder trouble)
Snatch (full squat) - Heavy Single (110 being careful with the shoulder)
GH Sit ups 2 x 15 (5 lbs in extended arm)
GH Back Extensions 2 x 15 weighted as desired (50lbs)

I was an idiot and did something to my shoulder before we even began warm up while messing around with a PVC pipe. DOH! That kept me ground though. I was really feeling great today and really wanted to attack those snatches. Ha. Unfortunately through trial and error, I have found some of the exact moves that attack my shoulder. One of these is the transition on muscle snatch from the shoulder being flexed to relaxed. Because of this, I was extremely cautious and didn't get under too much weight. Jon D. was having similar issues and showed me a way to get under the bar a little safer, but I still didn't feel very comfortable. In the end I worked with lighter weight to warm up to snatch. I wish my shoulder was more stable because snatch has become one of my favorite lifts. I don't know how because I've never really done it to its fullest. But anyway I worked on the movements during the lift and felt I made some breakthrough on better understanding the technique. Next time I'm going to have to work on landing with my feet a little closer together. Today I worked up to 110 and hope to progress little by little until I know how to keep my shoulder secure during a snatch. Baby steps (so hard to do). Fun stuff as always.