Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parking Ticket

OHS (narrow grip)
175-180 (fx2)

Less than my pr, but I don't think I've done an OHS in quite a while. My shoulder started bugging me when I tried the wide grip, so i switch to narrow and although it felt stronger, I want to ultimately be able to perform the lift correctly. With time and practice I'm sure it will happen.

1.5 Mile Run


Not sure how that compares to my other running times, but it felt good. However, my knee now hurts. Maybe that car did a little damage after all.

Oh and I got a parking ticket while working out. Awesome. I am not favored in the traffic world these days.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twice in one week...seriously?

Split jerk 1RM

I need to work on my mental game. I've been psyching myself out too much.

30 reps 135lbs from ground to over head


It was fun making a lot of noise and having all the body builders look in to see what the commotion was.

Well, today I was once again struck by an automobile while riding my bicycle. At first, due to shock, I was slightly made. But when I shoot it off I just had to laugh. Twice in one week has got to be a record. Too crazy. I will probably have to go out and buy a bright neon vest or jacket or everything for that sake. Maybe I should just buy some body armor, that would be even better. Better yet I'll get a suit of armor. Just imagine a knight riding around on a bike. Hilarious!

Monday, December 14, 2009


DL 1rm

Happy with that considering my training the past few months.

3 rounds
5 DL at 275
10 Burpees


When I started I thought I was doing the workout from the 2008 games. When I finished I thought, "wow that was easy." Then I looked at my stopwatch and thought, "umm does not compute" with a robotic accent and everything. Oh well, next time I'll do all 5 rounds.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday and Saturday

Pull-ups Max reps
25 then 15 (poor showing, no excuse)

4 rounds for time
4 36" box jumps
6 ring dips
8 24" box jumps
10 push ups
12 walking lunges

6:57 (I think)

I'm not happy with the pull-ups. I just wasn't into it probably because I was in the middle of a fast. The wod reps and exercises were written on the board and I figured 4 rounds would be fun.

Snatch 1RM: 145

8 rounds for time
250m row
Rest 1 minute

All 8 rounds in the 51.2-54.1 second range.

the snatch was interesting. I was really protecting my shoulder and was just not comfortable with catching the bar in a squat. After a few attempts at this and a little frustration, I decided to do power snatch instead and was immediately much more comfortable. 145 is the most I've snatched in any form, so I'm happy with that and hopefully with a little practice at OHS, I'll be able to build some strength and confidence in the full snatch.

The other day I stumbled upon OPT's blog and found some cool stuff. He has created a two phase program for his athletes. The first will be finishing shortly and the second starting in January. His workout are perhaps the most precise I have seen as most of them account for just about every second of the workout. That is to say each second is planned for you. Kind of cool. With this find, I have decided that OPT is a better programmer than I so come January I will start with his first phase and record his second phase to begin when I finish that.

Well the 2010 Crossfit games are around the corner and they posted the ramp up to it the other day. As many of you know there's a sectional followed by a regional then the games. Unfortunately it looks like I will be missing the sectional meet and subsequently anything beyond that. The weekend they are holding the event in Mass. lands on the tail end of a ski vacation I have planned in March. We'll see what happens with planning, but it doesn't look like I'll be competing this year which is a little disappointing but that's life. We shall see.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Back Squat 1rm

I only gave one go at 255 simply because I was scared, and here's why. When I first started lifting for football in high school I had no instruction as to proper form or technique. As you can imagine this opened the door for injury. I was doing squats completely on my toes with my heals coming off the ground completely. U-G-L-Y you don't got no alibi. Anyway while doing squats like that, I think i ripped something in my lower right abdomen. Nothing was done about it, and it didn't cause any further trouble until I began lifting again a few years back. Now occasionally when I do squats I feel a tearing sensation in my lower right abdomen. For fear of hernia I refrain from pushing it too hard when it comes to squats. Instead, I'm going to take it slow (much like in the snatch) until I feel confident with the movement and am free of pain (the bad kind).

50 20lb wall balls (unexpectedly unbroken)
40 DU (broken- fatigue plus bad rope)
30 1.5 pood KB swings (broken-that was dumb should have kept going)
20 35lb db walking lunges (broken-5-5-10 hard stuff)
10 Burpees (unbroken)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Push Press 1RM
155-165-175-185-190-195(f-head psych)-195(f)-195pr(there we go)

For time
Row 1000m (3:37)
GHD Sit-ups
Back Extension

Total 8:17

Second day at the gym, so far so good.

Here's an outline of the strength programming I'm going to start throwing in the mix.

Push Press
Squat (back/front)
Pull ups
Push ups
Dead lift
Push Jerk
Overhead Squat

Round 1: 1RM
Round 2: 5x5@85%
Round 3: 6x3@92.5%
Round 4: 3x10@70%

This is exactly what is posted on Ricky's blog under an undulating program. I know I'm not in peak lifting form, but I like mixing it up and will probably add weight when needed mid cycle. Also, the lifts will be performed in that order in hopes of allowing more time for recovery between similar lifts. My goal before Christmas is just to find the 1r maxes and after the holiday starting a regular routine.

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Gym

Yay! I'm now part of a gym. It's not an affiliate but it'll have to do for now. For those who are interested here it is: I'll be working out almost exclusively in "The Pit" where I can do oly lifts and wods. I'm excited to be able to get back on a track of sorts.

Today's Go Around
Clean Find 1RM

225 was my old 1rm (early this last summer). I was able to get under the weight but couldn't stand with it. This next week or two I'll be finding my 1rm and using those weights to follow a sort of undulating program in hopes of building some strength before the sectionals this spring.

100 DU's just working on the skill

Max reps push ups

Even though this is where I started it was after some heavy cleans and DU's so I'm not disappointed. Hopefully I'll be able to treat push ups like my oly lifts and create an undulating rep scheme of sorts.

I saw this advertisement today and thought it was a great example of how companies jump on band wagons in name and not spirit. The ad is for Jif peanut butter with Omega 3. How much you ask? 32mg of DHA and EPA. That's right a whole 32mg. I guess it's better than nothing, but I'm taking about oh 100 times that a day. Crazy stuff.

Last Friday

Last Friday's WOD
15 - 50lb DB cleans (full squat)
5 Chest slap push ups
10 - 50lb DB cleans (full squat)
10 Chest slap push ups
5 - 50lb DB cleans (full squat)
15 Chest slap push ups


Two goals for today, Monday.
1. Join Revolution Fitness-a local gym that has all the equipment for crossfit. It is much cheaper than CFB and closer than Medford. the membership dues are a Christmas present from my folks so that is cool.
2. Push ups. I fell of the regiment over Thanksgiving and would like to see where I stand.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cheat Week

Well, as many of you can imagine, this past week (and a half) has not been the picture perfect paleo zone/crossfit block of time. My diet went to crap with all the traveling and eating all the Thanksgiving goodies. To boot, I didn't even get a workout in the whole time. However, I did and have been taking fish oil on a regular basis.
The silver lining of this fall from grace is that I could really feel my poor diet taking a toll on my body. This helped push me back on track. Nice to know that my body reacts appropriately to nutrients.
In addition to eating right I'm also going to be fasting every fourth day from now until Christmas (or there abouts). This is partially to save money on food and partially to see how I react. Fun stuff.

Wednesday WOD
3 Rounds for time
10 One arm DB Swing, right arm
10 One arm DB Highpulls, right arm
10 One arm DB Snatch, right arm
10 One arm DB Swing, left arm
10 One arm DB Highpulls, left arm
10 One arm DB Snatch, left arm

I used a 50lb db and finished in 12:45. I definitely could have pushed harder and didn't really get out of first gear, but I guess you could call it easing back into the swing of things.

This last week was a big one in terms of my pursuit of med school. I had two interviews: one at the University of Minnesota and one at Washington University in St. Louis. For those of you interested in following my progress, I posted a link (look to the column on the right) to a profile page that has my 'stats' so to speak. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. I answered Josh's fish oil question from a few posts ago with a comment to that post. In case you haven't figured that out already. Cheers!